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Hawk Property Management’s Irrigation Team ensures proper watering for your home and business.


Why is Irrigation Maintenance so important?

Proper watering for you home and business is essential for many reasons. The health and growth of your lawn/landscaping depends highly on watering schedules and amounts. Also, proper scheduling saves our customers money from over watering.


Hawk Property Management’s Irrigation Service Techs pride themselves in the proper watering of your property by using the most up to date methods of water auditing, quality products and continuous education on water conservation. Keeping our customers informed with the correct knowledge is one of our keys to success providing great service.

Grand Rapids Residential & Commercial Irrigation Services:

  • Spring Turn On (A complete system walk through to evaluate watering areas, zone run times and controller programming)

  • Full Service and Repairs to system

  • We offer several water auditing programs for large systems to pass savings and water knowledge on to our customers

  • Customized Service Programs throughout the watering seasons

  • Fall Winterization/Blow Out (to ensure lines and equipment do not freeze in the winter

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